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Patient care team supports you with treatment, accommodations, travel, and aftercare


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Mohammed Moneim

Destination Manager - Sudan


Agnes Martin

Destination Manager - Tanzania


Yamikani Makanjira

Destination Manager - Malawi


Charles Kpoghomou

Destination Manager - Guinea


Issa Yahya

Destination Manager - Yemen


Isa Hassan

Destination Manager - Nigeria


Ebah Jean Jacques

Destination Manager - Ivory Coast



Destination Manager - Comoros


Nassor Suleiman

Destination Manager - Zanzibar


Bilal Balaa

Destination Manager - Lebanon


Obada Almohraji

Destination Manager - Syria


Hakima Haidary

Destination Manager - Afghanistan

afgan Afghanistan
belgium Belgium
cameron Cameron
comoros Comoros
congo Congo
egypt Egypt
guinea Guinea
ivory Ivory Coast
laos Laos
lebanon Lebanon
malawi Malawi
mali Mali
mexico Mexico
nepal Nepal
afgan Nigeria
s-sudan South Sudan
sudan Sudan
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syria Syria
tanzania Tanzania
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zanzibar Zanzibar
zimbabwe Zimbabwe

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    Customised services

    We will understand your needs and will help you make a package that will take care of all your financial, physical and emotional aspects.

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    Wide network of doctors and hospitals

    We have a tie-up with the best hospitals and proficient doctors across the country. These doctors are trained in latest medicine and technology and share our values of putting our patients’ needs at the forefront.

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    Free consultations

    You can get in touch with us for professional consultation at absolutely no charge.

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    Treatment to Travel

    IndoMedTrip assists patients, to get medical Visa to travel to India, the best airline fares and arrangements for your stay.

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    Healthcare for every budget

    We understand that most patients go for treatment abroad due to financial constraints. Hence, we promise to offer best possible treatment and care at lowest possible price.

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    Dedicated personal assistance

    We will be there to help you understand the whole process of your treatment and take care of your needs right from getting in touch with the best specialist for you to your lodging needs.

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